Megatouch 2014 is the FINAL UPDATE OF ION SOFTWARE and is available while supplies last.

Megatouch 2014 Software is all about the games. It’s loaded with 14 new titles, 10 of which support Tournamaxx, plus brand new photos and trivia!

Megatouch 2014 features Cardboard Chaos: Zombie Edition and Milky Way Mini Golf. Cardboard Chaos: Zombie Edition is an undead take on a classic carnival shooter and Milky Way Mini Golf features a celestial golf course with orbiting planets, pulsating suns and black hole obstacles.

We also have Air Guardian: Escape, a retro-style game where you pilot your copter over and under obstacles; Ice Rift, a super simple-to-learn game that’s also fun and challenging; and Bottletop Drop, where players earn high scores by dropping & matching our craft brew bottletops.

Plus, Megatouch 2014 doesn’t neglect our casino-style game lovers with two new card games and three dice poker games: Clocker Solitaire*, Final Table: Blackjack, Penthouse 5 Dice Poker, Hunks 5 Dice Poker and Final Table: 5 Dice Poker. Megatouch 2014 wouldn’t be complete without addicting sequels to classic Megatouch favorites TriTowers II* and Photo Hunt Expedition III.

2014 Marketing Material now available for print and web use. Educational Attract Screens available for preview.

* Symbol versions also available

Milky Way Mini Golf

In space, no one can hear you scream… obscenities at your golf clubs! We’ve designed a celestial mini golf course with orbiting planets, pulsating suns, and black hole obstacles. Simply touch the ball, drag backwards, and shoot – but don’t forget about gravity! Slingshot your ball around planets and use gravity to your advantage through 18 challenging holes of the best mini golf in the galaxy.

Cardboard Chaos: Zombie Edition

We all knew the zombies were coming, we just didn’t know they’d be made of cardboard. Defend yourself against the cardboard horde in our undead take on a classic carnival shooter. Blast away at the ever-multiplying zombies but keep an eye on your clip & remember to reload. Earn more points for long-range kills and landing consecutive headshots activates Rage Mode with unlimited ammo! How long can you survive?

Ice Rift

If you want a super simple-to-learn game that’s also super fun & challenging, then Ice Rift is the game for you! Touch and hold to create circles that fill up as much of the screen as you can, but watch out for the bouncing orange balls, they’ll destroy your circle. Fill up enough of the screen and you’ll crack through the ice at the bottom to complete the round. It starts off easy enough but gets challenging very quickly – can you become a champion Ice Rifter?

Air Guardian: Escape

We took the helicopter from Air Guardian and gave it a retro arcade makeover! Your mission is to pilot your copter over and under obstacles, collect coins along the way, and find out just how far you can fly without crashing. Touching the screen will make your copter take off and rise, letting go will cause it to drop quickly so master the touch as fast as you can to avoid crashing and burning!

TriTowers II

Gather ‘round, oh mighty card game fanatics and listen well: we’ve combined stunning HD graphics, 15 brand new card layouts, and wild card & undo features with ye old classic Megatouch round structure to create a worthy sequel to one of the most popular Megatouch games ever! Now go forth, be merry, and conquer the high score list.

Clocker Solitaire

Try our TIMELY twist on traditional solitaire. Clock – timely, get it? Good. Complete all other four-of-a-kind sets before the 4th King is revealed by touching the pile under the number that corresponds to your show card. Ace=1, 2=2 and so on... Can you get the high score? Only TIME will tell.

Bottletop Drop

Pop the top and drop in for 35 rounds of fast and furious fun at the Megatouch Brewery. Your job is simple - touch to drag the claw, then release to drop the bottletops and make matches of at least three. Keep an eye on the upcoming bottletop to plan out massive matches for major points.

Final Table: Blackjack

Everybody loves blackjack and the Megatouch Casino has the coolest game in town. Choose your bets carefully, then try to add your cards up to 21 and we’ll even spot you 3 Aces up your sleeve to help give you an edge. Win five out of ten hands to make it to the Final Table and play to become the Blackjack master!

Photo Hunt Expedition III

We’re heading on another expedition and we need you to help us find a few things. Well, lots of things actually. Each board has tons of hidden objects for you to locate. Find all of them to move on to the next level and look sharp – there are 19 all new levels to conquer!

5 Dice Poker

Momma needs a new pair of shoes! Or come up with your own cool catchphrase, either way you’ve got three rolls of the dice to put together the best poker hand possible. Rack up enough winning rolls and you’re moving on to the Final Table, where you’ve got 3 chances to win it all. Play the Penthouse and Hunks versions to reveal sexy pics!